Anthesis Enveco estimate that the inland waters in Stockholm are worth billions!

Posted at February 21, 2017 | Categories : News |

On behalf of the City of Stockholm Anthesis Enveco has estimated the economic value of all inland waters of Stockholm. The most important conclusions from the study are:

The general public is concerned about the quality of inland waters and believe that they themselves, at least to some extent, are responsible for protecting the waters. People use the waters of Stockholm for activities such as fishing, sunbathing and boating.

The total economic value of reaching good water quality in all the waters of Stockholm is estimated to 2,5 – 2,8 billion SEK. The most highly valued waters are Årstaviken, Riddarfjärden, Brunnsviken and Trekanten.

The cost of necessary measures to achieve good water quality is roughly estimated to 1 billion SEK. Given that benefits are greater that the costs, there are strong indications that these measures will be socio-economically profitable.

The report can be found here. [in Swedish only]