Anthesis Group provides support to Peak Performance

Posted at October 21, 2019 | Categories : News |

Anthesis Sweden is part of Anthesis Group, which is a global sustainability services and solutions consultancy. Anthesis Group currently has around 500 employees and offices in 15 countries all over the world. The company’s access to this global network of experts in a wide range of sustainability areas is a unique strength. Collaborations with colleagues around the world allow us to share knowledge and increases the value we deliver to our clients.

Therefore, we would like to showcase a project which our colleagues in the UK have been working on for a client based in Sweden. Thanks to Anthesis’s global expertise in sustainable apparel, Anthesis UK has been working with Peak Performance as a client. The project included providing support to Peak Performance and 12 other fashion retailers and brands as part of the European Clothing Action Plan. Anthesis’s role was to support ECAP participants in developing evidence-based strategies to support the uptake of more sustainable fibres and, consequently, reduce the environmental impact of clothing being sold within the EU market. The impact was that Peak Performance reduced their collection’s average water footprint by -34% and their average CO2 footprint by –13%, between 2015 and 2019, as a result of the fibre strategy they developed during ECAP. Peak Performance also received an additional report, as part of the implementation support, on bio-based materials in the clothing sector.

Ria Kearney was the project manager at Anthesis Group. Klas Wetterberg, among others, was a part of the team. Klas is originally from Sweden, but he studied in the UK and has been working within the Waste & Resource Sustainability team at Anthesis in London since 2018.

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